Sunday, March 15, 2015

Djinn and Tonic Book Review

Djinn and Tonic by Jasinda Wilder

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Detective Carson Hale knows Leila is hiding something from him. He's in the hospital after a strange and inexplicable attack destroys his favorite bar, the Old Shillelagh. While the attack leaves Carson with stitches, bruised ribs, and a concussion, Leila is mysteriously uninjured, and she either can't or won't offer a satisfactory explanation. While her lies and evasions are setting off his detective instincts, her body sets off other alarms.

Leila Najafi has a lot of secrets and a complicated past. She ran away to Detroit to get away from her family, but she's been discovered by the one man that could destroy her. Sexy detective Carson Hale blows into her life at the worst possible time. Now Leila is forced to make a decision that could both cause heartbreak and war.

Review by Brittany:

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I adored this book. It's the second in a series, but one thing I loved about this book is that you don't necessarily have to read the first in order to jump in with this one. The first book featured Detective Hale as a supporting character, and I was glad to see him return. The relationship between him and Leila develops fairly quickly in this book, but it was introduced in the first book. Leila is the person in whom Carson confides about cases, particularly a case with supernatural aspects. When Carson discovers that Leila is a part of the same supernatural world, he takes it in stride because he wants to get to know her better.

I love the supernatural aspect of this series. So many authors have written the same kinds of books, but this is a refreshing change. The djinn and ifrits have elemental powers, and the way the author describes the use of these powers was interesting. There was also a lot of information about the differences and tensions between the djinn and ifrits that set up a potential war for the series.

This author also writes good characters. Carson is devoted to his job, which is how he and Leila strike up a relationship in the first place. Leila is fighting against the wishes of her family, while struggling with the loyalty and devotion she still feels. Although the development of their relationship feels quick, it still rings true.

There were also cameos from some characters from the first book that were nice to see. I'm curious about how the series will continue and how many of those characters will appear in later books. I think this series has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to reading more.

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