Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Twisted Webs Book Review

Twisted Webs by Darlene Quinn


The stunningly beautiful and elegant Ashleigh Taylor gives birth to twin daughters while she's in Long Beach visiting her father figure, Charles Stuart, the founder of Bentley's Royale. Hours later, a parent's worst nightmare occurs: Cassie is kidnapped. Twisted Webs unravels the mystery of the abduction of Callie's identical twin. With the same drama, tension, and high style that hooked readers of Webs of Power, the author invites loyal fans and readers new to the series to step into this provocative sequel set in the 1990s. There is plenty going on to keep them turning pages all the way to the end.

Review by Brittany:

I requested a copy of this novel off of NetGalley for review purposes.

I did read the first book, and one thing I was excited about for this book was learning more about Ashleigh as a character. I enjoyed reading about her and the way she dealt with losing one of her children. The book spans over 8 years and consistently revisits Ashleigh's feelings and experiences. She was extremely positive, more so than I think would be realistic in the situation, which allowed for a happy ending for the book.

I also enjoyed reading about the life of the abducted twin, Marnie. The author built her world, making the reader empathetic towards the kidnappers. I thought it was interesting that the author made Marnie's mother deteriorate a bit at the end of the book, thereby giving her an opportunity to meet her biological parents.

Overall, I didn't think this book was very realistic, but I still enjoyed reading it. There was information about Bentley's and it revisited the takeover of Consolidated that was the focus of the first book. Other characters from the first book also got a revisit in this one, which I liked. I will be reading the next in the series.

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