Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Webs of Power Book Review

Webs of Power by Darlene Quinn


Webs of Power is a raw, unsentimental portrayal of greed, manipulation, and relationships set in the excessive, insatiable retail industry of the 1980s. When a hostile takeover of the retail giant Consolidated is announce, the lives of three determined women, each linked to the corporate upheaval, are unexpectedly thrown off course: Paige Toddman's marriage to Consolidated's West Coast Division CEO is threatened when she decides to step out of her fast-paced lifestyle to raise the unwanted child she is carrying, a choice driven by her secret past. The fabric of Ashleigh McDowell's life begins to fray when her fiance, the president of Consolidated's West Coast Division, moves away and her father figure faces a lawsuit that could wipe out his controlling shares of the company's stock. Vain and power hungry, Viviana De Mornay will stop at nothing to become the wife of the man leading the takeover. Webs of Power is a thrilling real-world drama with dynamic characters who find the courage to drastically reshape their lives in the face of crises and the twists of fate.

Review by Brittany:

I requested this book on NetGalley because the cover and blurb sounded interesting to me. The blurb of this book reminded me of another book I read recently, so I was in the right mindset to jump into this one.

The pacing of it was a bit of a problem for me. The book got really bogged down in the business side details, which was hard for me to keep up with at times. There were a lot of technical terms and I don't understand the process of a buyout well enough to keep up with it.

I did enjoy the parts of the novel that focused on the women and the repercussions to each of them. Viviana and Paige both had stories that interested me. Ashleigh's story in the book spiraled a bit out of control, and it reached a point where it was almost too crazy for me to enjoy. In future books, I hope that her story calms down a bit. I think there's potential for her; I just felt overwhelmed by some of the things that happened to her. Viviana was probably my favorite. She's greedy and focused on what she wants out of life - which circles largely around power and money - and there was something about her that intrigued me. I would like to read more about her in future books in the series.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I would have liked more focus to be on characters and pacing to be a bit better, but I do think this series has potential and I plan to continue reading.

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